Alma Catering Amsterdam

Adres Sluisstraat 56 1075 TH Amsterdam
Contact 0613222788
Our type of cooking based on sustainable agriculture, small local producers and traditional production and conservation techniques allows us to provide you with more varied and nutritional food.

Meet Our Chef
"Food is communication, is a way to create moments, experiences and show love for you" - Mayda Alvarez

Our services
➝ Daily or weekly catering
➝ Corporate events - Breakfast, lunch, drinks, dinner
➝ Private events
➝ Ready to eat food
➝ Team building
➝ Venue for events

Alma means "soul" in Spanish, every dish prepared at Alma embodies our core, our soul. Every dish shows our passion for cooking and our commitment to the most delightful, healthy and beautiful food based on sustainable agriculture, the use of local ingredients, our work with local producers and traditional production and  conservation techniques. Our practices are ecofriendly, we Strive atwater efficiency, waste reduction, energy recycling, disposables and pollution  reduction. 

Our service is child and professional, we make your event, an unforgettable moment, not only because we are healthy and exquisite but also because of our service, food and venue presentation we convey your message. We first understand you and use food, our services and our  event management services to deliver your message, from  love to professionalism, we convey it.
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